I don´t know why I ´ve never talked about you.
You where always so cool, so chill… you never loosed your nerve, well except that one type when I fucked you over for some dumb ass cunt and you told me to fuck off.
Yeah, that what pretty bad. Just when I started to feel warm about you, everything got messy.

I loved the way you kissed me. I loved the way you looked at me. I loved the way you calmed me down when I got hysterical with just one look. The way you dressed, the way you ate like a fatso, the way your corn rows crossed your head, the way you danced all sexy around me, perfectly around me. The way you drank, the way you smoked, the way we laughed nonstop through out a joint. The way you said hello, the way you said goodbye. The way you say; “Hey, I still hate you, but I miss you.” The way you talked, so smooth in english, so serious in spanish, so sexy in french…
The way you made plans, the way you loved photography, the way you danced all night, nonstop right beside me. Did I mention that?

Ending things with you was…
the must
stupidest thing

Why do I do myself such horrible things?